Ensure the best execution with advanced analytics

XenTech Analytics offers expert level data insights. Maintain a full business overview and discover opportunities to maximise profits through in-depth visualisations and reports, all in realtime
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Diagnose Liquidity Management Issues

Visibility across all stages of order lifetime, before and after

Schedule Proactive Report Notifications

Relevant information delivered at the optimal time

Liquidity Provider Analysis & Charting

Discover value within your trading counterparties


Take control of your trading with a centralised solution


Custom Report Wizard

Design and build the reports you want to see


Post-trade Markout Reports

Gain foresight into your liquidity management


Hit Ratio Statistics

Track performance of fills, rejects and misses per provider, client, symbol and order type


Revenue driven insights to ensure the best execution

Latency Recording

Gain insight through precise time measurements between key time-stamps in order life cycle and quote life

Yield Analysis

Retrieve important insights into earning patterns

Sales Dashboard

Build custom dashboards that provide focus and overview of business elements important to you

Profit & Loss Reports

Track revenue performance over time and identify underperforming areas

Order Flow Identification

Obtain a deeper understanding of clients business through account identifier reports

Complete Trade Repository

Access to your historical trading data and evaluate your execution quality and revenue targets over time


Introspective into your business through detailed analytics


Visualise your business through custom built Charts and Tables

Real Time Data

Run your reports in real time

User Access Controls

Administrate multi-level access of your reporting suite

Multi-format Data Downloads

Export reports and data in Excel, CSV, PDF and URL


Accelerate your future

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