Risk Monitoring and Controls

XenTech risk management tools provide high-level controls, comprehensive overview of all trading risk factors and synchronised limit allocation capabilities across multiple trading locations Contact us

Customisable risk factors and risk reducing modes

Define risk parameters to match your internal policies

Organisational and end-user control granularity

Limit risk on a global and per user levels, create complex parent/child risk sub-structures

Trade suspension and kill switch control

Automate your risk controls to ensure your trading infrastructure operates within defined policies


Ultra-low latency pre-execution credit check

Micro-second pre-trade credit check

Cross-asset NOP / DSL management

Control limits per symbol, per account, per entity, per location


High-level controls and allocation capabilities


Rule-based and real time alerts and messaging

Streamline risk monitoring through real time email alerts based on custom parameters


Shared credit per entity

Net positions for entities that act as both makers and takers

Accelerate your future

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