Complete Control with XenTech LMS

Xenfin's Liquidity Management System (LMS) has been developed and tested over a decade. Our suite of algorithms and superior levels of granular configuration, ensure a system-wide focus on successful fill rates
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Superior granularity

Maximize Fill Ratios

A range of tools allowing full control over maker and taker interactions:

  • Protect skew leakage
  • Customize data consumption and output
  • Dynamic hit ratio optimization

Shape Liquidity

Control the most intricate details of liquidity provision:

  • Advanced pricing algorithms
  • Distribute and internalize client order flow
  • Vast market coverage with bank and non-bank integrations

Inherently Efficient

Route Orders Intelligently

A suite of algorithms and custom rule based smart order routing:

  • Liquidity provider prioritization
  • Full Amount exclusivity controls
  • Performance based rules

Control Market Data

Application level monitoring of precise data metrics.

  • Data-loading controls
  • Quote life and depth control
  • Dynamic throttling


Forward Thinking Design

Since the advent of latency trading, Xenfin Technology built trading and network infrastructure ahead of its time - taking measured approach in minimizing latency and risk, while maintaining reliability and controls


Boutique Service


Technology Partnerships


Business Scalability

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Management platform

API Normalization

Distribute pricing over multiple venues with a single integration

Individual Liquidity Pools

Finesse client experience with curated liquidity pools and trading rooms

Integrated Execution Analysis

Whole life cycle trade analysis with book snapshots

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Build a comprehensive overview of all trading risk factors and allocate resources across multiple trading locations
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XenTech’s ultra-low latency matching engine, advanced algorithms and smart order routing logic work together to provide seamless execution and maximise fill rates
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XenTech Price Aggregator is able to process vast amounts of market data and translating into desired pricing models
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Accelerate your future

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