Pioneering the unknown

We're FX specialists that provide and build trading, credit and post trade solutions for global businesses

About us

Deep Expertise

In an age where technology so often means little human interaction, Xenfin has taken a very hands-on approach and believe that passion and desire are ingredients we have in abundance and are even more essential today than ever before

Our team consists of wide ranging industry experts who really do know what it’s like to be at the coalface of markets and have a deep understanding of client needs. We have a wealth of knowledge of the way markets have transitioned from a predominance of voice to today’s highly automated and electronic execution

Our ability to translate verbal requirements and written spec into working models and ultimately production software is second to none, as is the time-frame for delivery

Our mix of state of the art hardware (plus our own networks infrastructure in Data centres globally) supports cutting edge and fit for future software. This is coupled with solid, reliable encryption and custom security

Our technology

Diverse Kit

All kit is available as full front to back packages or single module custom builds encompassing elements as diverse as credit maintenance, liquidity aggregation, multi product suitability, pre and post trade messaging, to name but a few

Seamless Integration

Our builds are all designed to be easily integrated with other technologies across a wide spectrum of offerings

White Label Offerings

We have a rich history of fully hosted (or can be hosted client side), 24 hour supported white label offerings which are easily customised for each partners needs so offering flexibility coupled with affordability and service levels we believe we are unique in providing

Xenfin Ecosystem

  • Cross-connected to 50+ financial institutions
  • Full Control of risk, aggregation and matching
  • Sub 7 micro second pre-trade credit check
  • Passive (C2C) and aggressive order matching performed in microseconds
  • Build your pricing
  • Sophisticated cost saving post-trade messaging system

Co-location Across The Globe

Harness our global platform to scale your trading operations

  1. London, Uk

    Equinix LD4 / LD5

  2. New York, USA

    Equinix NY4

  3. Singapore

    Equinix SG1 / SG2

  4. Tokyo, Japan

    Equinix TY3

Work with us

We're always happy to hear from qualified candidates. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the Xenfin Technology team.