XenTech Matching Engine

Ultra-low latency matching engine, advanced algorithms and smart order routing logic work together to provide seamless execution and maximise fill rates Contact us


Internalise trade flows and increase hit ratios with in-depth trade life-cycle information


Smart Order Routing

Specify how orders are routed based on size, symbol, liquidity provider, client, time, hit ratio and more


Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)

Build a book of firm liquidity through client interest


Order Publishing

Internal orders can be routed for internal matching, or rested on external venues

Latency Sensitive

95% of wire-to-wire latency is sub 280 microseconds


Optimise matching with rules based approach

Proprietary Algorithms

Extensive suite of proprietary execution algorithms developed to excel in all trading conditions

Order books

Create unique trading rooms with set exchange parameters

Accelerate your future

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